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Basically, any type of advertisement that reaches the customer or outside the home treat as outdoor media advertising, just like broadcast, print and Internet publicity.

Also, any type of publicity that reaches the customer outside his home is outdoor media advertising. Just like broadcast, print and Internet advertising.

It is now important part of the market.

Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta is involved in Icons from creativity to course of action. He has led the team from the early start to become one of India's OOH companies.

An entrepreneur and business excellence have a name, Sumit Gupta. He has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 15 years.

In the past, they have successfully started up an advertising and unified marketing firm.

He is currently working on making a home and rewarding offers for OOH advertising through ICONS.

Delhi metro advertising

So, publicity that provides a stand or place for publicity is for broadcast at the Metro Station.

As a result, the average time taken by the passenger before getting on the metro train is generally 10-15 minutes on the platform. And, about 5-5 minutes in other areas of the station. So, the ads in the metro station will reach a big audience.

Also, Delhi metro advertising offers the chance to work in the income groups of the large middle and upper-middle class in the city.

Delhi metro advertising is a successful way to catch the crowd while walking. Because every day about 3 lakh people travel by Delhi Metro.

The network operates in 26km. And it means that it covers major business and residential places around the NCR.

Customers are constantly shown the brands.

In the Delhi Metro, people spend at least 10-15 minutes at the station.

The customers know good brands because they cannot forget good publicity. Such as highly crowded zones with an good point of view. Also, it shows balanced displays with a beautiful vision.

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