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They deserve support. They don't get half the stuff that the opposition get.
They don't get the support they need and when they do we will become a really good side. Just checked out yer page and love it.
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At Lanvin, bow tie wearing maestro Alber Elbaz created skirts, jackets and dresses in black, stone and nude with an easy, luxe confidence and elegance that suggested post power dressing.
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It was like Scott Pioli put the entire organization in a room, threatened to take away their keys to the complex if they spoke to anyone, then called Belichick to gossip about "American Idol".
At Radley, where I went, there was "stig bashing". Having been a "stiglet" for his first two weeks, the new boy graduated to "stig" for the rest of term and the promotion was marked by a various humiliations.
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In these days of declining film sales it's easy to understand why Kodak would decide to replace two similar films with one.
Fewer SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) makes for greater efficiency.
Being a three star recruit is certainly not shabby but those kids do not get the attention of the four and five star recruits.
Those guys are the rock stars.
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Take that back to that first Yellow White intersection I talked about above but dont take the singletrack to the left back to the parking lot.
Keep going straight on the White and hit the climb.

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