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It's just so rad like. Racing is mad. You just switch on, there's nothing else like it.
Often, he and his wife, Olivia, will divide and conquer by going to separate home games. He'll see Peyton, she'll see Eli, or vice versa.
Alex isn't the only one from his Alamo family who is smitten with hockey.
His younger brother, 12 year old Kevin, is the one who got everyone involved in the first place after picking up a flier announcing the league.
And all Scott and I kept thinking was "how on earth did we do this carrying a 1 and 2 year old the whole time?! There are many levels with narrow staircases and ladders. It is obvious that Tyler was not as into these shenanigans as the rest of us. HA!.
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He is a Certified Public Accountant with over 35 years experience in all facets of accounting, including external and internal audit of Banks and other financial institutions.
This creamy concoction is best served piping hot and washed down with another local invention, Sam Adams beer.

As famous as the Patriots is The Four's, open for nearly 40 years, a supporter of every team in Boston and known for its chowder. The Four's, 166 Canal St., (617) 720 4455.
Pete Axthelm, a commentator on ESPN's National Football League coverage and a newspaper and broadcast reporter on football and horse racing, died Saturday at a Pittsburgh hospital of liver failure.
He was 47. Axthelm entered Presbyterian University Hospital on Jan.
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"Like, down here, I got treated so well. People were so nice in Cork to me. I got free in to nightclubs, free drink when I got in, all this kind of stuff.
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Precious metals are used for the zippers and other hardware, ensuring decades of reliable service.

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