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In an excerpt from the documentary, Davis' comment is edited to sound like he thinks the "Voodoo shark" might be real.
In a clip, he says: "Sharks are pretty amazing creatures. All of them have been found in weird places.

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This came in the wake of a similar accident on October 30, when an unseaworthy vessel also capsized 138 people were rescued, but 19 others died.

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"I think it should be listed as a primary contaminant," just likepotential pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorous, he said.
Changing our salty ways, though, may not be simple.
Not all economists agree on cheap canada goose the IMF's numbers.

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Study senior researcher Louis Jacobs, a vertebrate paleontologist at Southern Methodist University, noticed part of the bone protruding from the rock.

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At Jawai he works closely with the Singhs and Ansari, documenting the cats ranges and habits.

Leopards are solitary movers, Bannister says.
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The report said that VA ethics officials approved airfare expenses for Shulkin's wife, amounting to $4,312, only after his chief of staff, Vivieca Wright Simpson altered emails to represent falsely "that Secretary Shulkin would receive an award.

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