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Ron Tugnutt lowered his NHL leading goals against average, stopping 14 shots as the Ottawa Senators beat the Vancouver Canucks 1 0 Monday night.
Their opponents, the Pittsburgh Steelers, aren't without their problems though.
Running back Le'Veon Bell starts the season suspended. The men who were the foundation of a once much vaunted Pittsburgh defence, Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor, have both retired.
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"I came today because I was interested in his speed. I saw a YouTube video yesterday with his foot work. The kid seems like a genuine nice guy.
There are still those that doubt our city's suitability for the NHL.
They simply don't understand or don't care to acknowledge us. They have some fiction in their minds of an NHL that exists only in New York and Toronto. "The grab, the pull back, the same potential for injury.
But perhaps one of the best features to come with the Vision dash is its driver message centre, known as the Vehicle Information Profile Display.
The six inch screen can easily be read at a glance or at virtually any angle.
Well, with the pressure mounting and the prospect of being the first undefeated regular season team since the Patriots becoming more and more realistic, the Panthers have found a way to not only maintain, but also improve each week.

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Still, Musk can't risk any missteps as Tesla pivots from a niche manufacturer of 84,000 high priced cars per year.
The Model 3 sedan, Tesla's first mainstream car, is due out later this year, but previous launches have been plagued with delays.

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