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Suspicion and superstition are one of the age old traditions that came with the barbarian archetype.
A leftover from their time in sword and sorcery when only villains and monsters wielded the powers of magic.
That's a player's perspective. Fans might have a different view.
They have their own rights and obligations.". But young people would not vote him their favourite role model if he were just a do gooder. Branson is also the epitome of political correctness.
ATLANTA, GA OCTOBER 14: Kawhi Leonard 2 of the San Antonio Spurs drives against Kent Bazemore 24 of the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena on October 14, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The bus arrives, and Joe Sacco walks by and taps O'Neill.
The equipment men are part of the team, and, like everyone else, their names are reduced to a kind of shorthand. O'Neill is Onie; Allaway is A man.
Is SRH building a team to win or to lose purposefully?
Last two years you would pity, but after latest auctions SRH fans have no hope and have lost respect and pity. Almost every match SRH will go in as underdog wanting mercy. Why should SRH fans always pray God to save them.
Kate Middleton's New York trip has to be her most interesting.
It's the most animated we've seen her. She's laughing and rolling her eyes on TV when the Today Show told her to "keep wrapping" presents. Things would get worse before they got better.
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